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What Is A Peace Trail?

Peace Trails are made up of “Places of Peace” around the planet. This map contains all the places we’ve logged onto the World Peace Trails map. When these places are located in the same vicinity, then they can be “linked” to form a “Peace Trail”. Come explore where these Places of Peace are located, learn more about them, and please go visit!


Places of Peace

To qualify to be a “Place of Peace” and be listed on the World Peace Trails map, a place must contain one or more of these elements: Peace Pole; Peace Garden; Peace Statue; and/or Peace Program.

Peace Poles

peacetrails_01Peace Poles are poles planted in the ground that mark a location as a Place of Peace. They can be Peace Poles from the World Peace Prayer Society which say, “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in various languages. They can be monolingual or multilingual, tall or short, big or small. OR The marker could be a post that has been painted, decorated and dedicated by your community or school, on any subject related to peace! One organization doing these is Posts For Peace & JusticeOR you could create any pole-type marker dedicated to peace, and place it in ground! The choice is yours.

Peace Gardens

peacetrails_02Peace Gardens are tranquil areas where one finds peace in the natural environment. They may be include verdant greenery or be a desert landscape, and everything in between. They are places to walk and admire nature, feel one with the earth, and begin to experience the joys of silence and solitude. They may have art, bridges, buildings, ponds – most of all they are honoring concepts of peace.

Peace Statues

peacetrails_03Peace Statues are public works of art that represent a peaceful theme, mark a spot of peace, or commemorate a peaceful person or figure.

Peace Programs

peacetrails_04Peace Programs are educational programs that aim to advance peace. Maybe your scout troop is committed to advancing the cause of peace and you do a “Peace Badge”. Or your company creates a meditation program to de-stress employees, and begins to talk about peace. A school can implement peace training for more harmony and respect among students, and to eliminate bullying. Here at Tourism For Peace, we have our “Peace Brain Education” workshops, for example. Come learn about and share Peace!