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Millennium Gate – Peace & Justice

Millennium Gate – Peace & Justice

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  • Date Posted: Aug 5, 2015
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  • Address: 17th St. and State St. Atlantic Station, Atlanta, GA. 30363

Millennium Gate is the largest national monument of its kind to be constructed since the Jefferson Memorial. It opened July 4, 2008 at a cost of over $15 million, privately-funded by Atlanta families, foundations and companies. Inside the building is a museum dedicated to Georgia history, and pioneer Atlanta families and philanthropists. It is built as a Gateway to the Atlantic Station complex, a new “city within a city” located at the former site of the Atlantic Steel mill, on a piece of private land in the center of 17th Street.

The Arch celebrates peace instead of military triumph for this new millennium. The Gate is 82’ tall, and built out of Indiana limestone and stucco. It is owned by the National Monuments Foundation. The eastern façade is flanked by two feminine forms – Peace and Justice, created by Alexander Stoddart, a Scottish sculptor who has also done work for Buckingham Palace. Each bronze sculpture is approximately 8.5 feet tall and weighs 1.5 tons.

To build excitement for the project, a procession carried the two sculptures from the port of Savannah to Atlanta in horse-drawn caissons across cities and small towns throughout Georgia, welcoming the statues with various arts and civics events. The two statues were dedicated on October 27, 2007 at Atlantic Station. Governor Sonny Perdue and Mayor Shirley Franklin took part in the promotional event.


Millennium Gate
17th St. and State St.Atlantic Station, Atlanta GA.30363
Rodney Cook, Jr.
National Monuments Foundation
(404) 364-3002

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