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International Peace Fountain

International Peace Fountain

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  • Date Posted: Jul 26, 2016
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  • Address: Woodruff Park Auburn Ave. and Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia 30303

The International Peace Fountain unifies the park with an exuberant water display that commemorates Atlanta’s pivotal role in the world wide human and civil rights movement. Woodruff Park celebrates a revitalized downtown with an elegant and sophisticated design that has dynamic pedestrian spaces to accommodate Atlanta’s major events. Built prior to Olympics in 1995, The International Peace Fountain commemorates Atlanta’s pivotal role in the Civil Rights movement. A geyser fountain and waterfall make a dramatic focus for the park, and a memorable gateway to Auburn Avenue and the M.L. King, Jr. National Park site. Olympic planners envisioned Woodruff Park as a strategic open space in downtown Atlanta for the Centennial Olympics in 1996. The fountain commemorates Atlanta’s unique energy and culture, and her legacy for the twentieth

Artist: Nimrod Long and Associates


Central Atlanta Progress
A.J. Robinson, President
Cooper Holland

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