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Hillside Chapel & Truth Center

Hillside Chapel & Truth Center

  • Author: World Peace Trails
  • Date Posted: Oct 30, 2015
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  • Address: 2450 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA 30311

Dr. King made frequent trips to Los Angeles, CA where she went to peace programs put on by the Baha’i community on Jefferson Ave. On one of her speaking engagements at a sister church in LA, she met Dr. Michael Beckwith in 1995 who had planted a Peace Pole. When she returned to Atlanta, she met a couple in the north part of Atlanta who came to the interfaith, integrated meetings at Hillside on Wednesday nights. They put her in touch with the Peace Pole people, and she ordered one with the assistance of Don Edwards (who appears in photo with Dr. King), planting it at her church Hillside Chapel with a ceremony and plague. In addition to the Peace Pole, the church has a Peace Garden accessible by going through the church in an inner courtyard.


Hillside Chapel with Peace Garden
2450 Cascade Rd SW Atlanta, GA 30311
Rev. Dr. Barbara King • 404-758-6811
Atty. Don Edwards  • 404-526-8866

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