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Bradford Peace Trails

Bradford Peace Trails

Walk Around Bradford, City of Peace

  • Author: World Peace Trails
  • Date Posted: Oct 26, 2016
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  • Address: Bradford, England

This trail reflects the aspirations of people and organizations in the city working towards a peaceful and positive co-existence with others both locally and much further afield. Included are those who have helped the city, the nation and its people to progress, especially through campaigning for better lives.  It records their stories of peace, conflict and reconciliation.  

The trail also includes sites that immortalize conflicts, including world wars and related events.  These are a reminder of the debt we owe to others and a pointer to a better way of being in the future.

A number of the plaques need renovation, with their letters having been worn off by the weather.

Some of the stories have still to be told.  For example the 19th century Rev. Benjamin Godwin, peace and antislavery campaigner, after whom Godwin Street is named.

After following this trail you could join in the telling of a story that might be in danger of being lost in the mists of time.  You could develop your own peace trail for the area in which you live and celebrate good news!

The Peace Museum (16) explores the events and history of people and organizations that have worked to promote peace, nonviolence and conflict resolution. It is the only museum in the UK dedicated to the collection, conservation, and interpretation of material relating to the history and development of peace, nonviolence and conflict resolution.

It has a thriving education program, both for adults and young people, with partnerships across the city. For details of The Peace Museum, its facilities and its education work, see Site 16 in this booklet, Phone 01274 780241.

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