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Atlanta Peace Trails

Atlanta Peace Trails

Atlanta Peace Trails

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  • Date Posted: Oct 27, 2016
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  • Address: Atlanta, Georgia USA

The Atlanta Peace Trails (APT) vision began by encouraging people to visit places of peace in metro Atlanta with a booklet, and now has expanded to publishing a book “Peace Trails Atlanta: A Model for the World.”

Through the collaborative work of three women, a seed idea has grown to empower anyone to create a Peace Trail in their own yard, neighborhood, school or community. Join us as you decide to make a difference. We can offer you the necessary resources to take action.

Andrea c/o Partnerships in Peace, P.O. Box 18101 Atlanta, GA USA 30316, phone: 404-377-8004, email:
or Gail phone: 404-222-9595, e-mail:
or Carla phone: 404-627-8313

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