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World Peace Trails

Welcome to World Peace Trails! We are happy that you are visiting us.

This is a site where you can find amazing and beautiful Places of Peace around the world. Each site is committed to expanding experiences of Peace, marking their site with a Peace Pole, Peace Garden or Peace Statue, and perhaps implementing peace education programs, art, dance, music and community dialogue as well.

Peace Trails are connections between these Places of Peace – perhaps five locations are in this area, forming one trail; thirteen locations in another area, forming a second trail, nine locations in that area, forming a third trail. Our goal is to create an extensive web of Peace Trails around the world – bringing concepts and practices of Peace to the forefront of local community and global travel experiences.

World Peace Trails is an online community of peace builders and their places of peace, all around the world. Do you have a peace garden, Peace Pole, peace statue, school vegetable garden, or labyrinth and more to share? We invite you to join us and list your beautiful place of peace with us, connecting and creating World Peace Trails for all to enjoy! The World Peace Trails are coordinated through Tourism for Peace: teaching peace principles to hosts & guests worldwide.

Please use the drop down menus above to view the World Peace Trails currently available.

The Peace Trails are divided into a few categories – explained here: